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Nivea Fresh Natural Mist Deodorant Review

Nivea , the name  evokes nostalgia in me, when I recede to my college days then it used to be my favorite perfume/ or body spray. The original Nivea Deo for Women had a surprisingly feminine and lingering smell. I still love it . Recently, I received this product for review and I was looking forward to try it. You know , it did live up to my expectations.

The Smell: Very Fresh and energizing yet feminine, has  mild floral notes, which are blended to perfection. I feel this would be universally loved. Lovely and enlivening fragrance.




The Lasting: The effect lasted on me for the whole day, though to mention, I do not have major body odor issues. It did keep me feeling fresh inspite of a  sultry and humid day. The smell, lingers on and keeps me feeling fresh all day. Also, most deodorants give me rashes on spraying directly on my skin but Nivea  never had any allergic reactions on my skin. So, I recommend it to people with sensitive skin too.

Highly Recommended!

Price: INR 180

Product Score: 4/5


pr sample. Honest review.


Armani Code Femme Perfume Review

I am not a perfume freak, and usually use a couple of scents over and over again 🙂 . This has a reason, as most perfumes give me headache and I have to be very careful when it comes to their selection.

The Aroma Description : Armani Code was introduced to women in the spring of 2006. It is based on harmony between orange blossom, fresh spicy notes of ginger and warm sandalwood. A luminous opening captures the essence of two different oranges – bitter orange from Africa and sweet Italian orange. In the heart of the composition Tunisian orange blossom absolute makes a magical floral fantasy in alliance with jasmine Sambac. Its sensual trail brings a sweet unity of orange blossom, vanilla and a drop of honey.

Courtesy : http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Giorgio-Armani/Armani-Code-for-Women-413.html

The latest Jhumpa lahiri Book... I got it on 50% discount from flipkart recently...

The latest Book by Jhumpa Lahiri … I got it on 50% discount from flipkart recently…






My Take: I have been  using this for last one month , and I am happy that it doesn’t give me a headache. Also, it mellows down to a sweet smell after few hours of use , which I like.  Instances when you enter a lift, and have the feeling that someone has drenched it with perfume, turn me off.  The aroma intensity fades away with time, which might be a con for many. It does linger on though with mild notes.

I recommend it to people who have a sensitive nose, and do not like strong aromas. It is strong upon application but mellows down in no time. Also, the smell is “not in your face” type 🙂 I hope you understand. You know it is very difficult to describe smells 🙂

Also, it is travel friendly and doesn’t spill or leak .

Price : INR 4990 , also it has various discount offers on online shopping sites.

Product Score: 4/5





The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Eau De Parfum Review

The body shop white musk libertine is one of their new launches in India. Last month I bought quite a few TBS stuffs and I got two samples of this exotic fragrance with them :).

What TBS has to say :

A bold new twist on musk, this sensual eau de parfum features a heady blend of cruelty-free musks at its top, heart and base, with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream.

Also , its made from cruelty free musk.

Now about the smell, which is the most important aspect :). It smells of pure musk with a hint of floral notes, which is not as strong as expected and yet has a mature, elegant, ladylike touch to it. Its absolutely feminine !!  The scent is light and only someone who is very much in close proximity can smell it. Its fresh and imparts a very clean and new air about oneself. I am using all these adjectives to help you adjudge the smell somewhat properly :).The most difficult thing is to describe perfumes :).This could be ideal gift for that special someone, also a ideal fragrance to wear to formal occasions, like a formal office get together :).  The smell is classy. All in all its worth a buy, more importantly if you are a perfume hoarder. When appllied it appears a bit strong but it even outs in a while.

Lasts about four hours on me  and then gradually fades. But for a “eau de parfum”, I expect it to last little longer atleast the whole day :).

Price: Rs. 1495

Summary: A exotic feminine musky fragrance with floral notes. Ideal for formal occasion and parties. Worth a buy if you are a perfume hoarder and also for the smell. I personally would not prefer it for the price, also it lasts for only 4 hours. The lasting power could have been better. The spray mist is available at half the price, I think that would be a better option.

Product Score: 4/5


The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist

My new found love is “TBS” products. So back with yet another review, their spray mist from the Japanese Cherry Blossom range.

It was gifted to me by my younger brother, so it holds special sentiments. As usual with TBS stuffs, it smells heavenly and lasts for about 4 hrs without any reapplication. Now, coming to the most important aspect, that is how it smells.  It smells ! oh so feminine! Its merges with the actual body warmth and emanates a gentle, floral, lingering smell that is not at all over the top. It makes for a ideal wear to classy parties. The smell is quite elegant and definitely makes you feel beautiful. I spray it on my pulse points and make it a point to spray it on skin. My skin is quite sensitive to perfumed stuffs, but this one did not cause any reactions on me. All in all I love this.

The spray mist comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and cover on top of it. The color of the spray and bottle is soft pink similar to the actual cherry blossoms. The packaging is travel friendly and easy to carry around without spillage.

Price: Rs. 645

Summary: Highly recommended!! its feminine, gentle, sweet and lingering ! all at the same time.

Product Score: 4/5

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