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Beauty Tip: Baking soda for cleansing and Acne

Baking Soda or Sodium Bi-carbonate is a effective cleansing agent for skin. It cleans the skin of excess oil and reduces the occurrence of blemishes and acne. Recently, I had a few acne on my face and it effectively reduced its occurrence by keeping oiliness and dirt at bay.

How to use:

This is how I use it 🙂

Take a a teaspoon of baking soda and put a few drops of water to make a paste, taking care that its not too runny. Prior to this wash the face clean or clean it with cleansing milk or face wash. While the face is wet, apply the paste and leave on for about two three minutes and then wash off by gently rubbing the face. Its abrasive in nature, so people with sensitive skin should try it out carefully. Also if you have fresh acne on face , then just apply it and wash off, do not rub it.

It would make the skin squeaky clean and matte. Ideal for oily skinned people. Dry skin people better avoid it. I advice this to be done twice a week. Excessive use of baking soda strips the skin of essential oils.


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