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MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Review

Well, I guess one of the much raved about and fast moving product that MAC has to offer 🙂 . I have always wanted to use this, the only deterrent being its grossly high price tag, at least for me who doesn’t believe in splurging on redundant make-up items.  So after a lot of calculations, I went ahead and this is mine. And…. you know what…. I absolutely do not regret it.



The Product: A powder foundation which comes in a compact form

The Shade:  NC 42




How to Use: I use it with a large powder brush and prefer it this way. You can also use a Stippling brush or Kabuki brush. Lightly sweep the brush on the pan and take care to gradually build it up. I would recommend using a primer or moisturizer prior to its application else, it might end up looking dry and cakey. If you require a concealer, apply it after priming and the pat the face with the studio-fix powder.

Pigmentation, texture and blend ability:  It is decently pigmented and can be built up to cover minor to moderate imperfections such as large pores, light spots etc. The texture is soft and silky , blends in with the skin to disappear and give very natural finish.

My Take: Highly recommend ! The price is steep but it shouldn’t deter you from buying this and I am sure you would be happy with this 🙂 . Ladies with dry skin, should try it with care as it might feel dry due to the powder texture. The coverage is awesome and can be built up as per one’s requirement and transforms to a most natural of looks. It is best applied with a brush, though it comes with a sponge applicator, I advise using a brush.

Price: INR 1800

Product Score: 4.5/5


Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact Review

This is my HG , on the go compact, I have already used many packs of it since its launch and my love for it is still going strong. Recently, when I went to the store to buy a new one, I was surprised to find the packaging had changed, I loved the way Lakme packed it previously, it was so cute and girly . Anyways, Lets proceed with the review.

The Packaging: It has changed, now it comes in a all white casing, that is way to boring. Have a look and you would know. Also, it not round, rather it has a funny shape, a cross between round and oval. I do not know, what Lakme had in mind while designing this. Rest all is same, with the compact cake, the sponge and the mirror in place.

The Shade:The shade I always buy is “Golden Medium”, it is an exact match for my skin tone. A number of shades are available to suit various skin tones.

The smell: I dunno, the smell is kinda funny which goes away after sometime. I liked the way it smelt previously, they have changed the smell also.

My Experience: I have already mentioned, I am on my perhaps 10 th piece 🙂 , love it ! The shade matches my skin tone perfectly and the compact lends a glow to the face. Even when I use it on top of my normal moisturizer, it lends a commendable finish and the skin looks oil free and glowing. It does not make the skin look dry and patchy. Also, I set my eye makeup base using this and it helps to create a great foundation to beautiful eye makeup.

Also Lakme has increased the price of this. This also has SPF 23 with UVA and UVB protection  in it. Over all a great compact, and I feel it is easy on pocket too. Wish Lakme had stuck to its old pricing of INR 150 🙂

Price: INR 175

Summary: Recommended ! Great compact for people on a budget. Also, good for daily wear especially for office goers and students.

Product Score: 4/5

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