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Make-Up Bits and Bytes : Primer and its use

                                                                                            Primer and its use

I kick off the series with a descriptive post on Primers . So, for the readers who came across this term for the first time, Primer is a cosmetic component of Face Make-Up items, which basically sets the make-up or can be considered as the primitive step of the entire process of doing make-up.

Description :

Also, known as foundation primers, the basic functions of a primer include :-

  1. Primers even out the skin particularly its texture
  2. Helps in flawless application of make-up
  3. The make-up appears smooth and fine
  4. Increases the longevity of the make-up
  5. Protects the underlying skin

Most of the primers contain silicones as their main ingredient and they help in filling up scars, wrinkles, fine lines, pores etc. They are applied before foundation and are best dabbed into the skin with clean finger tips and ought not rubbed into the skin. Also, Primers need to be selected keeping in mind the skin type to yield best results.

Some of the well known Primers Brands are –

  • Smashbox
  • MUFE
  • MAC
  • FaceIt – a Korean Brand
  • Laura Mercier
  • Elf
  • NYX
  • Colorbar
  • Loreal etc ……….

This is what I had to share of my  knowledge on Primers and I hope you have some takeaways from it :). Please share your thoughts, doubts, criticisms and any additional information in the comment section and let us make this discussion fruitful :).




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