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Garnier Fructics Good Bye Damage Strenghtening Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time 🙂



Garnier has been in the news quite recently with quite a few new launches in shampoos and I feel they are quite good, better than the Sunsilk launches. I feel the Garnier Shampoos are gentle on the tresses and has emollient properties.

The Look: The shampoo has a thick, but runny consistency and the conditioner is creamy thick. They are both white in color.

The Smell: Both smell very nice , kind of fruity 🙂

The Texture: The shampoo lathers luxuriantly and gently cleans the hair.  It shall suit all hair type and has moisturizing attributes. The conditioner, also soothes the hair and hydrates it effectively, reducing dryness and imparts a shine to the tresses. I use a hair straightener weekly once, and along with using this shampoo, I feel my hair is free from damage and dryness.

Summary: Over all , a good shampoo and a thumbs up from me 🙂 . All the claims of repairing hair in three washes, doesn’t appeal to me and in no way I can prove it. But it is good and keeps the hair damage free :).

Price: Shampoo – INR 125 and Conditioner – INR 130

Product Score: 3.5/5



PR sample. honest review.


The Secret Unveiled: Love Long Hair Range

The end to all the curiosity surrounding the product 🙂


So , we all can have a sound sleep tonight 🙂  Jokes apart, I am really impressed with the brand and throughly enjoyed doing the blind review 🙂


Detailed Review : Love Long Hair Range

With all the curiosity still intact, I am set to write a detailed post and blind review of the “love long hair range” 🙂 . The previous post links on this range are : link1 and link2. This shampoo was sent to me two weeks back for trial and review purpose.

The actual ingredients, brand name, product descriptions are completely not in my knowledge except the fact that it is from a reputed brand. This is for the first time I am involved in a unique blind review activity and I am loving the suspense all around.


The Product: A shampoo and a conditioner with no information about it except “love long hair range” 🙂

The Look : The shampoo is a semi-runny thick liquid and the conditioner is quite thick in consistency and is also white in color.

The Smell: The products smell very feminine and the aroma lingers on for around 48 hours after shampooing.

The Shampoo…………

Shampoo Swatch

Shampoo Swatch

The conditioner …………….

Conditioner Swatch

Conditioner Swatch

My Take : I would say it renders a smooth and soft sheen to the tresses, and is a ideal shampoo for normal to dry hair. It has a soothing and nourishing effect on the hair and doesn’t strip the moisture out of them. It would be a great option for dry and damaged hair and hair that needs frequent cleansing.  It doesn’t blow up the hair, or lends a puffing up effect on the tresses and I like it for this very reason. It keeps the hair soft, glossy and manageable rather than make it appear like a bird’s nest :). Most shampoos blow up my hair and make it look like a nest, that why I mentioned ” bird’s nest” :). I would say both the products used in conjunction results in a glossy and nourished mane.

Also, once I used it after oiling my hair with olive oil, I felt it was rather mild on my hair and couldn’t cleanse the hair of the added oil. So, a good news for all of us, it is a mild shampoo and is not so harsh as to strip the hair of the moisture. In turn, it might not be quite as effective on oily hair.

Over all, I am impressed and a thumbs up from me. Highly recommended to people with normal to dry hair. It is not that ladies with oily hair cannot use it altogether, they can try it and see if it suits them.

I would not not summarize in a positive and negative aspects form as I do not know what the shampoo claims or what the ingredients are, rather I would put forward some key points on the overall deliverance of the shampoo.

  1. Moisturizing and nourishining
  2. Doesn’t strip the hair of moisture
  3. Added sheen to hair
  4. Makes the hair manageable and glossy
  5. Great for normal to dry hair
  6. Smells great that lingers on
  7. Not Great for thin hair as it doesn’t add too much volume
  8. Might not be that effective on very oily hair
  9. I am not quite sure of the lengthening effect, might be it would keep the hair nourished, which in turn would reduce damage/ split ends, resulting in a long mane.

I hope that the review is helpful and the identity of the product shall be revealed soon 🙂 Till then, hold on the curiosity !


First Impressions: Love Long Hair Range


So, the very first impressions on the blind review ………

Well, I tried it three times since I received it and I feel it softens the hair a lot, in a way the mane glistens 🙂 . It feels cleaner and shinier after every use. Also, my hair seems to retain the effect for atleast four days, which is quite a great thing for my normal to oily hair.

Also, it smells really good, very feminine, soft yet lingering aroma.

I shall post the swatches and a much detailed review in a weeks time from now 🙂 till then, hold up with your curiosity !


The Introductory post on this series is here.


Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I am trying a Sunsilk shampoo after a long time actually and it makes me nostalgic of my childhood days, when we always had the black Sunsilk perched on our bathroom rack. I saw the bottle undergoing many changes, leaving me awestruck every time with its new form 🙂 . Recently, it was sent to me for review and I am more than happy to try it.



The Look : The shampoo has a runny consistency, and has a glistening shine to it and the conditioner is moderately thick in consistency. Both of them are pale powder green in color.

The Smell: Very fresh and energizing yet not over powering. I am loving it 🙂

Product Claims: It is claimed to have natural ingredients free of parabens, also infused with Ginseng Root extracts for added volume and hair growth. It is a co-creation of Sunsilk with Jamal Hammadi, who is a natural haircare expert.

My Take on the Shampoo: It lathers luxuriantly, unless you have hard water, which minimizes the lathering effect. The water in my area is soft and has very low mineral content due to which I experienced a great cleansing experience with it. One of my friends lives in a area, where the water is mostly hard due to the frequency of water tankers there, She also tried this shampoo and feels it did not lather as expected. After usage, the hair looks voluminous and bouncy, which is a great factor for people with thin hair, as it would definitely add to the volume. Overall a decent shampoo 🙂 . I cannot comment on whether it arrests hair fall or aides hair growth, as I have used it for a short period of time. I feel it would be a great shampoo for normal to oily hair as it cleans thorough and dry hair might feel drier after its usage.

Swatch of shampoo

Swatch of shampoo

My Take on the Conditioner: It is moderately thick in consistency and effectively de-tangles the hair. The hair becomes more manageable and tangle free after its usage. Overall a decent conditioner for normal to oily hair types. It may not be that hydrating on dry hair.

Swatch of Conditioner

Swatch of Conditioner

Overall Pros and cons of the shampoo and conditioner….. the first five points on the pros list describe the shampoo…..


  1. Lather well unless you have hard water
  2. Cleans well
  3. Smells great
  4. Gives bounce and volume to hair which lasts for few days, good for people with thin hair
  5. Good for normal to oily hair
  6. The conditioner de-tangles well
  7. The conditioner makes the hair more manageable


  1. Might not suit dry hair
  2. Ingredients list is not completely natural

Price : Shampoo 340 ml costs INR 219 and Conditioner 80 ml costs INR 64.

Product Score: 3.5/5

PR Sample. The review is honest to my experience.


The Body Shop Guarana Berry Volumizing Shampoo Review

Few months back , I was undergoing a spell of endless hair loss, that I could find clumps whenever I ran my hands through my mane. This let out a shiver through me, and I was on the lookout of some potion which could arrest it right away. During one of those hopping, I thought I ought to give this shampoo a try :). Just to mention, my hair fall was due to water in the area I lived, some days back we shifted which put an end to this unruly loss of mane, though some amount still exists which I feel is within limits.

download (1)

The color and texture : A runny transparent liquid.

The smell: Woody and berry, its difficult to describe actually ! Yes, I can assure it shall not bother you, as it disappears after drying.

My experience: Yes it does volumize , makes the hair look fluffy , though not like it resembles a bird’s nest 😛 . When used alone, without a conditioner the effect is more pronounced and the hair looks more dry , so I make it a point to use a conditioner always when I shampoo with  this. The result is to some extent volume infused hair. It is drying in nature, so people with dry hair should avoid it for good. Ideally it would suit , normal to oily hair like mine. Over all, a  shampoo worth trying, which adds some volume to the tresses.

download (18) download (17)

Price: INR 550

Summary: Volumizes to some extent, it is ideal for oily hair and might be good for normal hair type too. People with dry hair should better avoid it, as it has drying properties. Also, a conditioner is a must when this is used.

Product Score: 3.5/5..


Patanjali Reetha Shampoo Review

Those who follow my blog, Know my love for Patanjali products 🙂 . This is product is another such, which has left me impressed.

download (21)

The Look:  A opaque black liquid, which is fairly thick but not too runny. Looks similar to the Sunsilk Black shine shampoo.

The Aroma: Not bad, and it goes away after sometime. It smells of talcum powders.

My Take: Its a fairly good shampoo, which is gentle on the hair and definitely adds shine to the mane. This is its best part 🙂 . I like reetha for its cleansing and shine imparting features, also its ideal for oily scalps. It lather luxuriously and leaves the hair smooth and shiny, though I need the use of a conditioner after the wash. I am impressed by all three of the shampoos I used from Patanjali. One word, it might be drying for dry hair.

download (18) download (20)

Price: INR 85

Summary: Highly recommended especially to oily haired beauties, and those whose hair tends to accumulate dirt and oil 🙂 . Might be drying for dry hair. The con is its packaging which is very flimsy. A great shampoo on budget.

Product Score: 4/5

See the broken flip cap :(

See the broken flip cap 😦


Sebowash Shampoo From Cipla Review

Acute hair fall! Hair falling in clumps ! A situation near to aloepecia?

Read on, check out and see if this shampoo solves your issue.

This shampoo was prescribed to my mother-in-law, by the dermatologist as she was going through severe hair fall. Her hair was falling in clumps, whenever she used to comb. After trying numerous solutions, she stuck to this shampoo, I am reviewing today. Perhaps, It might help some woman in distress, of course on the condition that it suits her. Each skincare product especially if it is medicated need to be tried with care, it is well and good if it suits a person and if not, it might be worse.

The Look and Texture: A white colored opaque fluid, which is moderately runny. Lathers luxioriously while shampooing.

The Aroma:Has a pleasant floral smell which stays for about 5 -6 hours after the wash.

How it fared: Initially it worked a miracle, the hair fall was arrested within days of usage. Also very few hair fell during the washing process. While combing, very few hair strands were uprooted. The hair fall had decreased considerably for about six months after its use, when it was used consistently twice a week. Does not dry out the hair or makes it rough. The hair feels soft and shiny after the wash.

But now the grim part is, that with gradual use its effectiveness decreased. After six months of use, gradually the hair fall seemed to return back, though not massive but yes more than it used to be after the shampoo was first used.

Price: INR 120 for 100 ml

Summary: Well, miraculously arrests hairfall with initial use but, with gradual use the effectiveness seems to decrease, which is the con . People suffering from acute hairfall might try after a consultation with the Derma.

Product Score: 3.5 /5


The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo Review

The body shop is renowned for their earth friendly attitude which they incorporate in their beauty products. Today I am reviewing the TBS Rainforest Shine shampoo. As usual like most TBS stuffs, this one rocks and stays up to claim of adding shine to hair. This shampoo is free of harmful soaps and is bio degradable.

The Texture and color: Its a transparent colorless fluid , which is runny in consistency.

The smell: Has a pleasant, earthy smell like herbs which does not last long. I like shampoos whose aroma do not last long, that indicates they are less harmful on the hair.

How it fared on me : True to its claims, it does make the hair shiny and reduces frizz and makes it manageable. While shampooing, it does not lather much so a little more quantity of the product is required. Its gentle on the tresses and takes off all traces of dirt and build up with regular use. Ideal for normal hair, people with dry hair might find it drying. The only con, I can think of is that it does not lather much, else a product worth buying.

Price: INR 310 for 50 ml

Summary: Ideal shampoo for normal hair, adds shine and make the hair soft and manageable. Reduces frizz. Stays up to claims. Gentle on hair and gradually reduces the product build up on hair.

Product Score: 4/5


Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo Review

This Patanjali goodie is absolutely worth every penny it comes for :). I am a huge fan of Swami Ramdev, for his initiative to introduce us to a more holistic approach towards life. I somehow have blind faith in his products, which I know is not always good.

So, under the scanner is “Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo” which is really mild and gentle on the tresses and I have been using this on and off for past five months.

I have normal hair, and it makes my hair really soft and shiny after the wash and I do not feel the need of using a conditioner. It lathers smooth and soft, and gently cleans the hair without stripping the moisture. I feel as though I am treating my hair with milk :). The aroma is pleasant and it does not leave any residue on the hair. Also, I see less hair strands on my hands while washing my hair, but I do not know if it really curbs hair fall. Little amount is sufficient for a wash and the bottle goes a long way. The texture is in between runny and thick.  I would recommend it to college goers and students who usually prefer budget products. Its a ideal shampoo and it does so without burning a hole in your pocket :). People with dry hair should give it a try, though it might weight down oily hair.

Price: INR 95 for 200 ml

Summary: Highly recommended! Ideal budget buy which delivers what it claims. Makes hair soft, shiny and the need for a conditioner is minimized :). Ideal for dry hair, though it might weigh down oily hair. Definitely worth a try, also since its very much affordable. The packaging needs improvement, its quite flimsy especially the flip-flop cap.

Note: Update dated 27th Feb, 2014: But, they have changed both the packaging and the contents now , I feel it is a lot different from the previous one, it feels artificial on hair, smells soapy and somehow I didn’t like it..I wasted my money by buying the new version of this.

Product Score: 3.5/5, I have changed the product score from 4.5 to 3.5..

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