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Garnier BB Cream Review

BB cream or Blemish Balms or Beauty Benefit creams have been in the arena for quite a while, tracing their origin in Germany, where they were first invented to treat post surgical marks. They are raved about internationally and have ensured their presence in the beauty world. The “BB” cream is still alien to India, until last last year, when ¬†Maybelline debuted with their version of the cream and Garnier , very recently introduced it in the Indian market.

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A BB cream ideally should be lighter in texture and tint than a foundation or TM, and disappear into the skin completely without leaving any film or residue. They are supposed to be skin perfectors, providing all round protection and nourishment to the skin unlike foundations which sometimes clog pores and might cause the skin to break out. They are designed to act as a sunscreen, moisturizer and blemish reducer , a complete potion for the skin.

The product under review : Garnier BB cream, miracle skin perfector, daily all in one moisturizer.

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The texture: Thick , not runny , creamy in consistency. It is light, and sinks into the skin to get completely absorbed.

My Experience: I would describe it as one’s best friend who at all times, stands up to you ūüôā The BB cream, is light and airy, blends easily to sink into the skin, imparting a lasting glow which lasts for upto four hours after application. It disappears into the skin, without leaving any trace. Unlike¬†foundations, even if applied in sparse amounts leave a film on the top layer of the skin, the BB cream just melts into your skin without a trace. When immediately applied the skin feels little dry, but after about 15 to 20 minutes of application, the skin seems illuminated and glowing. Also, makes the skin look bright and healthy. So, Just like ones best friend, who acts as a stable support in one’s life, the BB cream provides a stable support to one’s skin.

It is a decent product which really brightens and protects the skin. I wore it one afternoon, during which I was in the sun for quite sometime, but I did not notice any tan on my face. I am happy with its deliverance. ¬†It doesn’t provide much coverage to the skin, so if you do not require much coverage, this could be your HG product. ¬†In comparison to the Maybelline BB cream, this one is lighter and easier to blend but has less coverage. The ideal qualities of a BB cream could be found in this !

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To summarize its positives and neagtives :


  1. The skin looks brighter
  2. Imparts a healthy glow which looks natural
  3. Doesn’t clog pores
  4. It just sinks and gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any film.
  5. Has a pleasant smell
  6. Has sun protection properties
  7. Those who feel that there is only one shade, needn’t worry, because it would suit even dark skin tones, owing to the fact it disappears into the skin. One of my friend is also testing another product, who has duskier skin. She is also very happy with the result. I would publish that review soon on my blog.


  1. It doesn’t keep the skin moisturized for eight hours as mentioned.
  2. The quantity is very little
  3. A considerable amount is required to cover the whole face. hence would get used up quickly.

Price: INR 99

Summary: Evens, brightens and makes the skin glowing upon application. It could be a daily wear moisturizer, without risking the skin’s health. The skin feels dry¬†upon¬†application¬†, but after about twenty minutes a glow starts to emanate from within that looks natural. It would ¬†suit the fair, the medium skin toned and the dark as well. The con, I feel is its quantity, too less and would get used up very soon. Otherwise, a good first time product.

Product Sent by brand for consideration, but it has not affected the review.


Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin Review

Someday back I did a post on my current skin care regimen. The cetaphil cleansing lotion which I am reviewing in this post is my favorite cleanser, which I have been using since quite a while. I have also used the cream and moisturizing lotion from the same brand which I shall review in my coming posts. This one is easily available in pharmacies across the country.

The Look and Texture : Its a light translucent colorless liquid or fluid, which spreads easily over the face. It can be taken on the palm and then applied all over the face. Only a little quantity of the liquid is required.

The Ingredients : Though the ingredients comprise of alcohols, its not at all drying on the face.

The Aroma: It does not have any smell, which I really like.

My Experience: I love this cleanser ! Is it enough??

A cleansing lotion for sensitive skin is the one which attracted me towards it. My skin is sometimes graced by pimples which is when it becomes very sensitive, so I decided to try this about one month back.  I use it usually in the morning, just spread it over my face, massage for sometime and then wash off. My skin feels sqeaky clean and calm. Though it feels like a moisturizer when applied, but it does not feel greasy after washing off. Also, does not strip the skin of the moisture and keep the skin balanced. I also feel it reduces the appearance of zits. Overall a very good cleanser for all skin types.

Price: INR 136

Summary: Highly recommended! Very good cleanser for all skin types and it does so without striping the skin of its moisture. No cons for this :). Also, good for sensitive acne prone skin.

Product Score: 5/5

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