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The Four Fountains Spa Review, Bangalore

All of you, by now, know that I am a full time mother 🙂 and can also comprehend the stress that comes associated with a hyper active kid running around the house! I always have to be on my toes, ready to cater to or to pre-meditate what my child’s next course of action would be. At the end of the day, I am greeted with pain particularly in the lower torso and stress ! The invitation to visit the ” Four Fountains Spa” was indeed a channel to come out of my hectic schedule and get myself the much deserved pampering :). This is the first time that I am reviewing a Spa and the lines below describe my experience.


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The Location and Ambiance: The Spa Franchise I visited was the Brookefields outlet, which is conveniently located on the ITPL Main Road, around three hundred metres walking distance from the Hypercity Mall, Kundanahalli. The Marketing team was cordial enough to book my slot, soon after they start operating, early morning at 9 AM. When I reached the Spa door, I tip toed inside, it was  kind of a reflex, attributed to the utter silent and calm ambience of the Spa. The interiors were laden with woody, earthy notes highlighted by dim illumination, with aromatic candles  and muted yellow artificial lights. There were around six treatment rooms with attached showers and one foot reflexology room with four seating capacity. The Spa rooms also have locker safes with keys, for the safety of our belongings.



The Spa Team : I was greeted by the Spa Manager and Doctor, Ranjita whoc was very cordial and tried her best to make me feel at home 🙂 . She started with description of the Spa treatments and subsequently shortlisting a procedure as per my needs. The masseur was also very cordial and well versed with her craft.

Hygiene: Perfect to the “T”. Disposable garments are provided which are to be worn during the Spa Procedure. Also the towels are dry cleaned regularly. The water closet as well as the shower closet were clean to standards.


My Spa Experience:The appointment has to be booked in advance, and it can be done online on their website http://www.thefourfountainsspa.in/online-booking .  The Spa offers Four line of treatments which are  Beauty, De-stressing, Immunity and De-toxification . I opted for De-stressing Aroma therapy Massage  and accordingly was handed out a stress assessment form. After that the Spa Procedure commenced, it was over in one and half hour inclusive of a head massage.

The masseur was well versed in her craft. The oil used was a combination of various aroma therapy oils with sesame oil as the base. The oil emitted strong relaxing aroma and the whole effect was energizing on me. After the massage, one can take bath in the attached shower closet which has both body wash and hair wash, both of which are an  in house product of the company itself. On request, a hair dryer and body lotion is also given.

Before leaving the Spa, green tea was served which indeed keeps up the stimulating effect 🙂 . Also, the Spa Manager handed me a booklet on ” guide to stress free leaving” and a small tub of a potion, which is to to be applied on the forehead and soles of feet before   sleeping at night.  Overall. it was an exhilarating experience , I am looking forward to visit them again 🙂 . They also have special packages tailored for IT Professionals, for the fact that they sustain considerable stress.

Summary: Affordable, that is the most important aspect 🙂 without compromising on quality and hygiene. The Spa members are cordial and well versed in the trade. Next time you want to de-stress or pamper yourself, do keep this Spa in mind. Also, for those who think Spa Procedures are expensive and out of reach, do have a look on their price chart 🙂 . The only con I felt is the Soap given for hair wash was bit drying on my hair and it would  be very good if an additional hair conditioner is provided.

For more information on Price, Procedure, Location etc visit their website http://www.thefourfountainsspa.in/ .

Product Score: 4.5/5

My visit to the Spa was sponsored by the Marketing team of the Four Fountains Spa for review, but it is honest as usual.



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