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Philips HP8315 Hair Straightener Review

” Grass is always greener on the other side”….. as goes the saying, I always felt if my hair were perfectly straight …. 🙂

My hair is wavy and I always dreamt of donning straight hair style someday, and permanent straightening is not something I liked. Gradually, the market saw the advent of various types of hair styling products and after reading a lot of reviews on them, I zeroed upon this hair straightener from philips.




Key Features

  • Extra Wide Plates
  • Easy Lock
  • 60 sec Heat-up Time
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Universal Voltage
  • Ion Conditioning
  • 210° C Professional High Heat
  • Swivel Cord

My Take: The straightening iron takes 30 seconds to heat up and has ionic plates which produces indirect heat to straighten the hair. The plates are extra wide and very good if one has long and thick hair. It takes 10 minutes to straighten my hair completely. It should be used on hair that is dry after shampooing and the straightening effect lasts until the next wash. We should be careful not to wet the hair in between. Also, it shuts off automatically when it reaches the threshold heat level. After usage, it has to be cooled and stored properly secure in the box that it came with. Also, the plates need to be wiped clean after every usage with a soft dry cloth.

It is advised to use a heat protectant spray or serum before flat ironing the hair to ensure minimum damage. Also, a smoothening and shine serum can be used before straightening to ensure extra smoothness. A great hair straightener and I absolutely recommend it.

Before straighteneing

Before straighteneing

And after using the straightening iron…………

after straightening

after straightening


Price: INR 1695 from Flipkart on 15% discount

Product Score: 4.5/5


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