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Swipe, Pout & Flaunt With Baby Lips All Through Summer | Maybelline New York Enriched with SPF

While most of us might think that this the lip balm is a winter hit, what we  didn’t know is that the product comes equipped with SPF 20 which is the highest SPF level  in this product category. This product gives the lips sun protection, while also keeping the lips moisturized for up to 8 hours!

SPF is all we need this summer! The  perfect aid to get us through a hot summer day! ‘Swipe’ on Baby Lips, perfect that sexy ‘Pout’ and you’re ready to ‘Flaunt’ them without a doubt, you’re ready to SPF! 

It’s time to Swipe. Pout & Flaunt with Baby Lips!!

Courtesy: Maybelline Newyork, India.

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