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How To TightLine Your Eyes

Tightlining is a trick, I learnt over the years 🙂 . When I first started doing it, I thought it was lining the upper and lower waterline. I continued doing it untill, I started writing this blog .

Gradually, after going in-depth into makeup and beauty, I realized a better way to do it, which I am sharing with you all in this post. Tightlining basically enhances the natural appearance of your eyes in a more real way. I always prefer natural make-up, so you would see, I never use false lashes etc in my eye makeup tutorials. Whatever you see in the looks I do is my natural eye.  For me Make-up is to be  aimed at enhancing one’s looks, God has made all of us beautiful in our own unique way. So, I advocate natural make-up and steer clear of plasticity.

Moreover, if we have honest and brave hearts, it would reflect from within, our inner beauty 🙂

How I do it :

I usually use the Maybelline gel liner in black to tightline my eyes. I hold the liner brush with the product on it, in my right hand and pull up the upper eye lid, so as to expose the root or base of the lashes. Then very carefully, try to fill in the gaps in between the lashes with dots with the help of the brush. This way our lashes seem to have grown from a thicker root and they appear more dense. I am blessed with very thick and curly lashes, and this really enhances them more. That is it ! 

If you want you may line the lower water line with the same liner, anyways with blinking some eye liner is bound to be there on your lower waterline.

I hope you get the technique. Do try and spot the difference. When you do it for the first time, avoid the mascara and see the difference :). When you wear it formally do complete the look with mascara. Also, I look forward to some wonderful notes from you, it makes my efforts worthwhile 🙂 .

As I mentioned in my previous post, my laptop keys are in jerky condition. I hope to get it fixed over the weekend. Till then, please bear with me:)

The top left pic, is my eye without makeup.



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