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Arish Sandalwood Face Toner Review

This is for the first time I came across a toner which has extracts of Red Sandalwood. I rememberer using red sandalwood on my face during my teenage days to soothe acne and other blemishes. This toner is from the brand called “Arish”, which is a Kolkata based brand and is quite famous there. I bought it from Kolkata.



The Look: A light watery transparent liquid

The Smell: Herbal smell of Sandalwood

My Take: It hydrates and soothes oily skin to restore moisture balance and it has a pore tightening effect too. It doesn’t dry the skin out and the skin feels soft and supple after its use. I recommend it to people with oily and acne prone skin.

I wish it were more widely available across the country :).

Price: INR 185 for 100 ml

Product Score: 4.5/5



Lotus Basiltone Clarifying and Balancing Toner Review

Toners and their importance in skincare ? Actually, they help maintaining the pH balance of skin, put back lost moisture during cleansing and also tighten the pores. Their role in skincare is not be undermined and hence they form the basics of the regular Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM) routine.

The product : I am reviewing today is the Basiltone Toner from Lotus Herbals, that claims to have extracts of cucumber and basil, which helps to clarify and balance the skin. It is suited to combination – oily skin types.



The Look: A light green colored watery liquid

The Smell: Not irksome, it is very mild and fresh

The Packaging: Travel Friendly and has a spray pump with a outer cover.

My Take: Okay, I Finished my second bottle already 🙂 . It appears natural and has a mild cleansing effect on the skin. This has a clarifying and balancing effect on the skin and the skin feels clean and soothed at the end of the day. Also, it seems to be devoid of artificial colorants and aromatic stuffs. Absolutely suited for combination to oily skin types and is alcohol free, I recommend its usage at least once. A thumbs Up from me 🙂

Price: INR 185

Product Score: 4/5


Dr. Olen Gin Magic Minerals Facial Toner Review

This is a new product on the block that is hitting the Indian Market. The brand ” Dr. Olen Gin” with the caption “Magic dead sea minerals” is a line of beauty products from Israel,  which has the Dead Sea minerals as their prime ingredient. We all have heard a lot about the Dead Sea and how its water which is rich in mineral salts is effective for various types of skin problems and for the general well being of the skin. Here, I am reviewing their toner which is named as “Magic mineral facial toner” which contains 250 ml of product.

The whole range of products can be checked here : http://www.olengin.co.il/en/

The look and texture: This toner is a sea blue hued transparent liquid which very much resembles the color of sea water. The very look of it is fresh and invigorating. Its light and non sticky and does not leave any film or layer on the skin.

The aroma: It has a soothing and pleasant aroma which has a calming effect on the mind 🙂 . It smells awesome, I cannot describe it exactly but its fresh, sensual and energizing.

Description as on website: Using Dr. OlenGin’s unique Dead Sea mineral based formulas, our Magic Mineral Facial Toner is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, as well asthe skin conditioning agent Algae Extract and Glycerin that soften and soothe the skin. This facial toner also contains the antioxidant Green Tea Leaf Extract and Vitamin E, Allantoin and Salicylic Acid, that together encourage new skin growth, moisturize the skin and moderate its pH levels, all the while protecting it with Benzophenone-4 that targets free radicals,rejuvenates the skin, and lets it overcome with a sense of calm, tenderness, and an unforgettable sensual scent – every time.

How effective it is: I have been using it for the last one month. As per the claims, it does soften and soothe the skin 🙂 moisturizes and moderate the pH levels. I have combination – oily skin, it does keep the oiliness at bay and also keeps the pores clean. Also the skin looks more even and toned. Its not drying and keeps the skin supple and soft. I am impressed by the ingredient list, it has green tea, allantoin, salicylic acid which are all known for their beneficial effects on skin. It does contain alcohol, but its not drying and invasive on skin. I did not expect it to contain alcohol, realized it only when I saw the ingredient list.

A very good toner which is true to its claims. I use it twice a day, morning and evening avoiding the eye area, as per the instructions on the bottle.

Availability: It would soon be available on Ebay. It can be brought after contacting the company in the following email.

Summary: Highly Recommended! All rounder which suits all skin types and keep the skin supple, clean and toned.

Product Score: 4.5/5, some point deducted for alcohol in the contents and availability in India



P.S: Product sent by brand for consideration, but it has not affected the review.

Patanjali Rose Water Review

Rose water is a boon for skin care 🙂 which universally benefits all skin types. It is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially valuable for dry, sensitive or aging skins. It has a tonic and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface, which makes it useful in diminishing the redness caused by enlarged capillaries.

The Patanjali rose water is an inexpensive way to beautiful skin, it contains rose oil diluted in pure distilled water.  I use this as a toner in my daily CTM routine and its my HG product. This helps in restoring the moisture balance in the skin after the cleansing procedure and helps the moisturizer sink in better into the skin. It does not strip the skin of its moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. All in all a great, must have product.

Some ways I use this rose water :

  • As a toner
  • Diluting agent for face packs
  • While scrubbing the face, I apply the scrub then let it dry after which I dab the face with rose water and gradually scrub off.
  • Before applying make up, I spray my face with chilled rose water. It helps to close the pores and create a better base for make up.

Price: INR 25 for 100 ml

Summary: Must buy 🙂 Very cheap for the benefits it offers. Ideal toner for skin, keeps the PH levels of the skin balanced.

Product Score: 4.5/5


Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Toner and Powder

I have never seen the terms “toner” and “powder” used together in any beauty product :P, so the name in itself was quite unusual to me. When in Germany, during one my many visits to “DM”, is a drugstore chain there, I finally decided to pick it up.

Its toner meant for oily skin acne prone skin. It is supposed to clear the skin of oil and grime and also mattify, hence the name “powder” perhaps. I have oily – combination skin which is sometimes graced by a pimple or two :P, so I thought of keeping this handy.

My take: Its a product which has really behaved well with my skin, with reagular use, my skin became less greasy and less prone to break outs. Also, it cleans the face of all the dirt, oil and grime and imparts  a healthy matte look to the skin. Also, after make up removal, its acts to furthur clean the skin of residues. All in all a great product which stays up to its claim. It reduces breakouts by keeping the skin oil and dirt free.

The color of the liquid is pale blue, with some suspended material which settle at the bottom of the bottle, when its at rest. so, it has to be shaken well without fail, before use :),

Price: Around 2.5 Euro, I forgot actually, long time since I bought it.

Summary: A very good toner which is mild on skin, removes oil and dirt. Lives up to claim and a product worth a buy. The only con I find is, its availability in India .

Product Score: 4/5


Review of Jovees Rose Skin Toner


Rose toner has ingredients that include rose petals, sage, lemon grass, chamomile and colors derived from the natural source. It will help normalize pH balance of skin, increases skin’s ability to retain moisture, removes excess oil & leaves skin looking clean & clear. Its for all skin types. This is what Jovees has to say for the product.

Price: 155 for 200 ml

My say:-  Its a red liquid which is bit sticky when dried. I bought this, as  a Jovees sunscreen is my HG product. Has a cooling sensation on my skin and seems to tighten pores temporarily. Freshens up the face after a tiring day and makes a good diluter for face packs. An average product which does a decent job. I had a experience with this, my son had spilled the whole bottle and then I happened to keep some of the product in a bowl and forgot about it. After some days, I happened to find that all the water had evaporated leaving a oily red liquid behind. I guess its made by diluting rose oil in distilled water and hence the sticky feel because of the presence of oil, just a guess though. Also its quite soapy and frothy especially when the bottle is shaken. That makes me suspicious. Also complete ingredients list is absent . ouch!! so many ouches!

Summary:-  Not a great product and would not be buying it again. There are better toners available in the market. Even simple rose water from patanjali is better.

Product Score: 3/5

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